BinKleened LTD are one of the only fully licensed Bin Cleaners working throughout Lancaster, Morecambe and the surrounding areas. 

Have your Bins cleaned by BinKleened Ltd!

Millions of harmful bacteria can live in your bins! This bacteria can multiply by FIVE TIMES in one week! We are one of the areas only specialist licensed bin cleaners. 

We offer a Premium 2 weekly and Standard 4 weekly clean for both commercial and residential bins. We will consider One off cleans and will quote accordingly. For further information or to find out more please call us on 07881294207or use the contact form 





Why have your Bins cleaned by BinKleened Ltd?

Bin Hygiene Advice:  Your bins can contain many unwanted things including flies, maggots, insects, bacteria and bad smells! The weather can drastically affect your bins and the bacteria within them.

Here are a few hints and tips:

  • Store your outside bins in well-ventilated and shaded locations. Try and keep your bins out of direct sunlight. This will help slow general decomposition and reduce smells.

  • Do not overfill your bins! An overfilled bin may leave the lids open allow flies and rodents to access whats inside your bin. 

  • Bag general rubbish, remove excess air and securely tie before putting in the grey bin.

  • Wrap, bag/double bag nappies and sanitary items to reduce smells.

  • If required, rinse your bins after collection with a mild detergent, vinegar and water solution to kill odours, bacteria and flies. Keep in mind water restrictions and the environment, avoid the use of strong detergents or bleach.