We offer bin cleaning in Lancaster, Morecambe Bay and the South Lakes!.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning in Lancaster, Morecambe Bay and the South Lakes!

With the ease of purchasing your own pressure washer you may ask why I should get my wheelie bin professionally cleaned. Consider the following:


• No Set-Up

• No Mess, all water recycled

• Bins lifted to the optimum position for washing

• Disinfected and deodourised.

• No Mess, No Hassle, No Brainer

Washing Yourself

• Set up the pressure washer

• water & drain required

• high risk of splashback & contamination

• Risk of Bacterial infection, E-Coli, Listeria, Salmonella etc

• The added cost of disinfectant

• Your time approximately 30 mins

• Every 4 weeks you start again

Being a professional service, we consider the environment and dispose of the wastewater in a responsible way.  The water we use is filtered and recycled so we will clean several bins thus saving on heavy water usage.

As we believe customer will change their minds after seeing the service we provide, we will consider One of cleans it is not something we encourage.  The reasons being often One of cleans mean very dirty bins. Very dirty bins contaminate excessively the water being used.  Extremely dirty bins can stop operations until the water is changed.   This adds costs to the operation and can cause delays in our service to our regular customers. We can not wash bins with raw Cat, Dog faeces or Grease and Fat remaining in the bin.

Our Prices:

Premium 2 Weekly Service £4.50 per Bin. (Not available in all areas please check) Cash or 2/4weekly Bank Transfer

Standard 4 Weekly Service £4.50 Per Bin. Cash or 4 weekly Bank Transfer

Our Standard and Premium services are so priced for a commitment of 12 months

Block of 6 washes 4 weekly service. @ £4.50 Per Bin. £27 Cash or Bank Transfer

Individual Wash Cash on day or Bank Transfer £12 per Bin (Washed at end of Day)

Recycling Boxes £1.50 per box

We offer fortnightly and monthly cleans for both commercial and residential bins. If you wish to find out more information then please call us on: 07881294207